General Contractor: Schultz Miller
Architect: Craig Stillwell

A private residence wine cellar, this room holds more than 5,000 bottles of wine. Superbly designed by Stillwell Hanson Architects, this was a truly one-of-a-kind wine cellar. The curved top display cases, with a vertical display niche in the center to showcase large imperial sized bottles, are among the most complex cabinetry you will find. Our shop drawing process was extensive, as was our collaboration with the design team and contractor. This was a colossal  manufacturing and build, amassing more than a thousand shop hours. After the room was completely installed, we fumed the white oak by exposing it to a high concentration of ammonia fumes for 19 hours. The exposure of the ammonia fumes reacts with the tannins in the wood and it darkens, as though you’ve applied a stain. We are extremely grateful that the client, the architect, and Schultz Miller selected us for this project. It is quite likely that this project will forever be remembered as one of our finest accomplishments.